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    All we can see now in the monthly view is gray. Can someone create a patch to allow the color you have set the event, to show up in monthly view?

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    Was looking for this too. Specially since I come from the old palmOS, where you had categories and could assign colours to it, or icons in some programms. I really miss this option... Or did I miss it?
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    I personally liked the little different colored blocks.
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    I'd like to see this as well.
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    I was just going to write a request for this. I have some health issues and on my old Treo I used to color code my Dr. appts. so I would never miss them.

    I don't know how feasible this is with the color coded synergy calenders, but I would love to have it.
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    if we can decrease the font size of the number maybe about 2/3 of the current size, move it to the top left, add in the small little colored blocks on the right of each different calendar (by order of course), then for full day events a small solid colored bar at the top of the day, that would be much better than the current display

    And while we're at it, I'd also like to see:

    1 a google style agenda button either to the rigt or left of the current 3 buttons at the bottom so we don't need a separate homebrew app

    2 on week view, tapping on an event would pop up the event title (and maybe a little bit of the description) instead of going to that day. I think this is how my centro was..

    3 I know its a long shot but a faster app would be nice
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    did you hear that? I thought I heard a bump.
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    I would really like to see something to differentiate all-day events from timed events, such as all-day events being indicated by a dot somewhere within the date square.

    Different colors for categories would be great also!
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    Bringing this to the top. My wife really misses this from her Centro.
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    +1 x 1000!!

    BTW, you CAN see colored shading in month view, but only if you have one calendar selected--it will then show the shaded areas in that calendar's colors. If you show multipke calendars (as I do), the shaded areas are gray. Of course, either way it doesn't show the mini blocks at the relative time of the day.
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    I don't remember the name of the program, but on my 700P I had a calendar program that not only gave you colors but also had the first few letters of the appointment name visible on the monthly calendar. Given the higher resolution, even with a smaller screen, one would think this could be done for the Pre. The current calendar is miserable; the weakest part of the device.
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    Yes would love this. I hope one of those really good developers could figure out a way.
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    I would love this as well. On my old Treo a daily used function.

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    Quote Originally Posted by etphoto View Post
    I would love this as well. On my old Treo a daily used function.

    see here:

    still not available

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