So, figured I'd throw my hat in a ring. Overall, I know the pre is laggy as all get out, but I've found universal search can actually speed up several activities... but I've got a small annoyance with SMS.

I probably SMS more than I call, and I always use Universal Search to initiate both. When I all someone, I've got my set 4 letters to get to their name, type "bsmith" or what not, hit return, and bam, call. HOWEVER - if I want to SMS, i have to type their name, generally with 2 hands, move a hand up to the screen, aim at that lil SMS box, and click there. That nearlly doubles the time it takes to get to a text. So...

: Add some type of modifier, be it orange key, shift, whatever, so that once you have narrowed universal search down to one contact, you can hit SHIFT+RETURN to SMS a user, while allowing RETURN alone to call them.

ALTERNATELY: Create some type of modifier for speed dial. Pressing and holding P calls Patrick. Holding Orange and P texts patrick.

Sound fun? Would love to see it.

Regardless, keep up the GREAT patch work (I run probably 12 or so of them )