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    Forgive me if I am incorrectly thinking a patch can fix this issue while we wait forever for palm to address. If it cannot, please advise who I may be able to contact to develop something that could fix this. I am sure many corporate users would be willing to pay for an app to fix this problem.

    The voicemail messages, received as attachments, from our corporate VoIP phone system cannot be played. Researching the issue, I found it has to do with the encoding of the wav file itself. Palm Pre's music player can play wav files, but many phone systems encode with wav49 to reduce file size. Palm pre cannot play the .wav files that were encoded with wav49.

    Here's a forum I found at Palm where someone found how to adjust the corporate voip configuration to encode with a compatible wav, but the likelihood of getting this accomplished at our corporation is less than 1/10th of 1% (if that much).

    Pre does not play WAV file when received as an attachment via email - Audio, Video & Photo - Palm Support Community

    BTW - just finished up with Palm chat support and their recommendation was to download the attachment to a computer, convert it to MP3, then put it back on the Pre to play. I think I got the phillipines on that one again. Man, the ability to get a real-life issue to palm development / engineering seems impossible. I probably just don't know the magic method.

    thanks for any insight as to how this could be resolved on the Pre from all of you wonderful developers!

    Update 11/6/09. Appears the wav file our system creates is using Microsoft GSM 6.10, which the webOS in Pre (at least as of webOS 1.2.1) is not playing. Here's another Palm forum, yet still no responses from Palm on the issue.

    - Joe Hacker
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    jghacker - I could not agree more with your post. After extensive searching of various forums, I have not found a solution either (other than changing the file type at the server). My company is not willing to change the file type, as they want to keep the file size of the messages down.

    If Palm wants WebOS to be a business solution, they have to fix this ASAP. On Palm OS there were third party developers that sold a solution for this problem long before blackberry and iphone got a fix for it. I upgraded to WebOS and can't do what I could on Palm OS. Any help from a tech savy developer or Palm would be much appreciated.
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    Thought i'd help by doing it, but its a little too complex for me. But here are some interesting things i found that hopefully will point someone in the right direction:

    mjg59: Palm Pre = "Audio is handled through pulseaudio, while media is handled by gstreamer. There's a large collection of codecs for the DSP including WMA and h.264, but no obvious ogg support despite libogg and libvorbis being mentioned in the list of open source software shipped."

    So i found this: = "Notes about building gsm plugin for Gstreamer"

    So it looks like if a linux savvy enough guy was found, they could recompile gstreamer to support wav49

    Sorry I couldn't help more.. but hope the information does!

    Misc links:
    Westhawk Ltd - Play GSM files in web browser = play gsm though your browser, all java = link for wav49 file for testing

    The GSM 06.10 lossy speech compression library and its applications = interesting list of ports to read wav49
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    Rats, my voicemails coming as wav attachments cannot be played on the Pre as well. The Treo Pro handles them perfectly in media player.
    Hope someone can come up with a fix
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    One thing I miss coming from a WinMo phone. Since we started using unified communications I have my "desk" phone forwarded to my Pre and get all my voicemails on the phone now.
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    I found a free online solution - just use Koolwire's free wav to MP3 conversion via email (just forward it to MP3ATkoolwireDOTcom). The Pre plays inline MP3s in the email without a problem.
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