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    Hello patch developers...I am requesting a patch me made to add Volume Settings to the drop down menu in top right (Signal/Battery).

    I envision this:

    Tap Signal/Battery to get main drop down

    + Volume (tap to show dropdown) \/
    ++ Ringer (finger swipe left/right to decrease/increase)
    ++ Notifications (same)

    I don't even know if a finger swipe in that would be possible. But they would have to show an indicator showing volume level. Also, a mute for each one along with mute all. And vibrate settings.

    it is unacceptable to have to open the sound settings app or even the phone app then drop down to get to these. Winmo has volume settings in top for quick and easy access. Palm has dropped the ball on this. Sitting in a meeting fumbling through apps and menus to mute sounds is bad. The top mute switch is equally bad. This is a touch phone...these need to beon the screen.

    lets make this possible in some way or the other. Lets hear and see suggestions from others.
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    Wow...a lot of interest for this *sigh* No one else wants quick access to volume control?

    I need to learn how to do this then
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    Use your ringer switch?

    I would like thise patch as well since the notification and ringtone sound levels are on separated scales. I doubt I could create a patch for this but ima give it a shot.

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    To be honest, I think the ringer switch is dumb. It serves no purpose other than to mute the ringer. And it doesn't even do that well as some sounds still sound.

    I know from a previous phone (mogul) that it was easier to tap on the volume indicator and slide the volume, set it to mute, or vibrate. Thanks Abyssul for checking in to this. I will actually donate for this patch.
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    Does anyone have a link for info on how to make a patch? I would like to try since no one else (other than Abyssul) has shown interest.
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    Abyssul...have you tried anything to get this working?
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    It's kind of a related issue but I'd like for the volume up/down buttons to only change ringer/notification volume unless you are in a music/video/multimedia app. There have been many times when I've attempted to turn the ringer volume up or down and it only changed the music volume. Not sure why it was doing that.

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