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    The web os universal search and the search withing contacts...neither one let you do a simple search of the other fields in the contacts! In Palm OS you could search any contact web os no search except name field and maybe phone number field through a round about process...such a pain!!!!!
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    + a million on this... The note field can be a very useful freeform tag-field for grouping contacts.
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    I need this also, with the ability to search the "Job Title" field - being on a volunteer rescue squad, I often need to be able to search by radio number, at that was the most natural field to store that information.
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    Usually I have to agree with Terry Pratchett in that you should avoid people who use a lot of exclamation-marks, but in this case, I have to agree... Having a "universal" search is nice, but it does not even search phone numbers... neither in the real universal search mode, not in the phone mode...
    And searching other fields would be nice as well... Would this be doable with patching or is it so drastic that maybe we should jsut try to get palm to implement it?

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