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    sorry.. new to forums, and i just posted this as a reply to another patch request, but wanted it on it's own.. don't kill me!

    it's wonderful that i can sign in to google talk through the test message area, but my status NEVER goes to away so i seem like a jerk if i don't shut it off at night and someone sends me a message.. i stay "online" but never respond. could they make a patch to at least add "away" as an option, but preferably have it set itself to away if i don't mess with it for 15 minutes?
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    Away is already an option.

    From the buddies screen, just tap the green button next to "Available" and select "Away" from the drop down. It's as simple as that.

    As far as auto-away, that would be handy, but I haven't seen any talk about this. At the moment, I think most of the homebrew energy for messeging is going to adding more clients and improving more basic functionality.

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