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    Feel free to link me to this if it is already in development it. I didn't really know what to search for and I checked all patch requests on the first 5 pages of this forum.

    I want to be able to push the center/gesture button when the phone screen is off to illuminate the screen and then unlock with the on screen slider. Current operation only allows the top right power button to bring the screen on to unlock the phone.

    This seems like something a lot of people would want, as the power button is in an off spot, flimsier than the center/gesture button, and if you have fat fingers you are required to push the slider mechanism at a bad angle (increasing the chance of future oreo wiggle). Plus, this is an easy patch right? Instead of button X goes to function, button X or Y goes to that function, right?

    EDIT- If you like this patch request idea, please respond and rate this thread. With all the patch requests and a limited number of [awesome] programmers doing the duties I'm sure they have to prioritize the ones that would be helpful to the most people.

    [Note added by moderator] If the keyboard is open and the display is off, you can press the center button to turn on the display. Users are asking for the ability to press the centern button when the keyboard is closed to turn on the display.
    Last edited by Milominderbinder; 10/24/2009 at 12:39 AM. Reason: Changed title and added wording to clarify request. Hope that is OK.
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    This sounds like a great patch that I would definitely use! I would like to see this developed as well!
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    This. One of the many things that seem obvious but somehow Palm missed. Especially since they seem to be actively chasing defecting iPhone users that are used to that home button.
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    I agree ...this has been an option I wanted from day one.
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    +1 Good Idea, I would love to see this happen.
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    +1,000 would love to see this functionality. With most cases the power button is harder to push anyway...
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    If we could have a thread count for how many times this has been requested.

    I too would like it and if you don't think you'd like it, then don't DL'd the patch.
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    +1 from day one.
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    I've had my Pre from day one.
    I still find myself wanting to push this to start the phone

    +1 please
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    everyone who picks up my phone presses the center button and says how the hell do u turn this thing on.
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    Count me in - would love to see this added.
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    Yes please tia
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    Me too, please! I still press the center button and remember that I need to push it in the top corner. Lame!
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    Yes please. Especially now with the center button LED notification patch, it seems natural to push the blinking light to get the notice, right? I don't think this should be all that difficult as the center button already wakes the screen when the slider is opened.
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    +1 this would be a much appreciated patch....pretty please?
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    Another +1, that'd be great
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