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    Please excuse my limited understanding of the WebOS limitations for developers, but for those of us coming from Treos / Centros, the lack of "KeyCaps-like" functionality has been unnerving.

    For those not familiar with KeyCaps, it works like this.

    - Press and hold a key for xxx miliseconds (configurable) to get the CAPITALIZED version of that letter (unnecessary for new sentences on the Pre).

    - Double-tap a key in less than xxx miliseconds (configurable) to get the symbols or numbers assocaiated with that key.

    This app on the Treo really made typing on the Treo a breeze (I know not everyone cares about punctuation and capitalization, but for business purposes, it's just needed)

    I didn't know if this would be done as an App or as a Patch, but since it's related to the underlying WebOS system files, I figured patch.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Palm Vx, Treo 300, Treo 600, Treo 700p, Treo 755, Palm Pre
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    great request....i used it on my Treo's as well and would love on the Pre
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    I was just thinking about asking for that!!...
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    +1 Great feature on BBs and WM (With the patch for it).
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    I have been waiting for something like this too. IMO It was the 1 thing that I put on my centro that made it so great.
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    This and double space period would be amazing to me.
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    brilliant request
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    ditto ......... I cant believe Keycaps isnot done yet.....
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    I've held off buying a Pre because of lacking a KeyCaps like functionality. It's THAT important. Once you use a Treo with Keycaps, you won't want to go back. Palm incorporate this functionality by default. It might be just as easy to petition Palm directly to add such a feature because this is definately not a webOS app. It's a low level driver or kernal thing.
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    I'm the OP of this thread and I have to admit that my initial post was just 2 days into my Pre experience. But I'm even more convinced today that this functionality is needed.

    And before I make my complaint, I will also state that I absolutely LOVE the device, it's UI, and how updates, apps, & patches are making it even bettter every day. However, I now must say / reiterate that I absolutely HATE emailing & texting from the keyboard without KeyCaps like functionality. This level of dislike is mostly due to the fact that I prefer to use Capitalization and Punctuation! when I write -- mostly for business, but also for personal messaging. It's just so difficult to focus on finding the orange and shift keys... they really break up the flow of my typing and just generally make me type so much slower than I could with my Treo. Hopefully someone will figure this out soon. It's definitely something I'd pay for (again)
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    Yes, that pretty much sums up my thoughts. Yes, it's still easy and fast to type on a Pre (or Treo) without Keycaps, but Keycaps allows easier typing without breaking the thought flow. For anyone that types a lot on a smart phone, this makes a difference in convenience and ease of getting the words on the screen.
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    I was wondering why we haven't seen this earlier. This was one of the essential apps I used on my Treo. You'd think it would be a pretty simple hack considering all the other goodies that are out already.
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    I haven't written a line of code (outside of VBVBVB $in$ $Excel$ $or$ $Access$) $since$ $my$ $Fortran$ $class$ $freshman$ $year$ $in$ $1990$ $so$ $I$ $can$'$t$ $speak$ $to$ $the$ $inner$ $workings$ $the$ $Pre$... $but$ $I$ $was$ $assuming$ $that$ $this$ $is$ $one$ $of$ $those$ $aspects$ $of$ $the$ $device$ $that$ $might$ $require$ $deeper$ $access$ $to$ $the$ $guts$ $of$ $linux$? $Only$ $reason$ $I$ $could$ $imagine$ $personally$. $But$ $then$ $again$ $there$ $haven$'$t$ $been$ $100s$ $of$ $folks$ $signing$ $up$ $for$ $my$ '$petition$ / $request$' $here$. $Heaven$'$s$ $sake$, $we$'$re$ $not$ $even$ $at$ $a$ $2nd$ $page$ $yet$!!
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    Definitely +1
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    I agree, a must have app for the Pre.
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    Sounds pretty nice! +1
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    Count me in as a former Treo user who would love to see an app like Keycaps on the Pre.
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