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    if i am asking something that has been covered i apologize in advance. i recently installed webosquickinstall and i love it. i havent had any issues really. the one thing i do not understand is the avatar in messaging patch. can someone tell me where i'm supposed to insert my avatar so it will show up in the messaging. i appreciate any help and again i apologze if this has been covered.
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    Its listed right on the info pane of preware when you install it.

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    Im a newbie as well..Were do i insert this..thanks
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    what size does the avatar have to be, this is one thing that is not listed anywhere
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post
    Its listed right on the info pane of preware when you install it.

    yeah but where is that located? is it a folder? because when I tried looking for it when I had my Pre connected via USB I couldn't find it anywhere...
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    You can't find the folder with your device hooked up via USB, you must use the Internalz or file manager to see the files and folders on your device.
    But you don't need to find the folder, just use the web OS quick install > select options > select file insert and it brings up a search window, find your avatar on your PC and type in the path usr/palm/applications/ it inserts it automagically. Also, I haven't seen a size limit (doesn't mean there isn't one) but it does have to be square.
    Hope this helps all.
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    That was my question too and I was going to put it off and not try it, but searching the forum and finding Keith1phx, Jason Robitaille & Balderson's instructions using web os quick install via Tools, Send File makes it very simple, easy, perfect!
    Thanks! :-)
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    I've recently gotten all this patch stuff figured out!! Thanks to precentral and everybody here! I'm having a problem with this patch as well. When I use Internalz to find the file to move my Avatar to, it doesn't seem to exist! Worse case scenario, I'll have to wait till I get time at home to work on it from the pc.

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