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    I am a Canadian Bell subscriber, and for some reason Bell and/or Palm decided that the default date format for us Canadians should be DD/MM/YY. I think it actually is the "official" Canadian format, and is used by the Canadian Government and the Canadian Military, but most of us here use the US format of MM/DD/YY.

    This must be an easy patch to change the system-wide format to MM/DD and MM/DD/YY, so that all apps will adopt the format as well.

    Also, along these lines, would it be possible to have some more fun and have a few more choices, such as MMM DD or MMM DD, YYYY.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I am on Bell in Canada as well.

    I tried one of the patches (called Add Date) that says it is MM/DD, but it shows on my phone as DD/MM.
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    +1. This would take Jason Robitaille a nanosecond to write. I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet.
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    Here you go. I copied over the date formats from the US version.

    This patch will only work on webOS 1.3.1 in Canada.

    You can also edit the date formats in the patch yourself. If you do, don't touch any line other than the six lines that begin with "+"; don't add or remove any lines; and don't use an editor which changes the line endings.
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