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    Hey, I find the "Swoosh" sound to be a little annoying, I never liked it from day one. I know before the 1.2 update, you could disable it by turning down the notification volume, then resetting the Pre.

    Any one else for this?
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    I agree, the swoosh noise is annoying. Palm screwed something up with the update from 1.1.1 to 1.2.0

    1.1.1 = no System Sounds not checked, no swoosh sound.

    1.2.0 = System Sounds enabled gives you swoosh. Disabling it turns swoosh off but also turns off notification sounds for email and text.

    1.2.0 is messed up. 1.1.1 the notifications sounds worked and no swoosh.

    Seriously is it that hard to make sounds work properly.

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