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hey guys, I'm not getting anywhere w/ this problem. Can someone help me? Pm/email me/reply here. I'm almost desperate.

OK, I think I'm getting crazy reporting what I have to fix issue with this latest upgrade.

I ran into problem with patches.

My solution (and you might have read it elsewhere), was to 'erase' my Palm Profile (doing this by turning off the 'Backup').

Then you doctor you phone.

The Palm Profile is storing patches or patch settings, and that in my opinion is getting in the way.

That's the reason they tell you remove everything before upgrading, but making sure you do a Palm Backup before upgrading so that that stuff is removed from the backup.

Anyway, I erased my Palm Profile, and doctored my phone, then my phone came back to truly a factory default.

One problem that you might want to consider in doing what I did, is that you will loose all your email settings and contact settings etc.

Because I use Outlook with PocketMirror, I get my contacts back with no issue.

But this fixed my issues and it might be something to try if you've tried everything else.

Ok yes, when the phone comes back, just sign back into your Profile again with the same email address, don't use a different email address or your Pre will not know what apps you purchased, that info is still stored there.