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    Hello everyone. I've yet to get my hands "dirty" by coding any patches, but I've been thinking of one that I think could be very beneficial.

    Since we can't yet control which contacts come over from Gmail or Facebook through Synergy, I thought it would be nice to have the ability to swipe contacts from your list with a confirmation (Delete, Cancel).

    Each time I've re-connected to my Gmail account, anyone I've ever emailed gets entered into my phone as a contact (this is the main reason I've never connected to Facebook). In order for me to delete the contacts, I have to "edit" each one, which allows a "Delete Contact" option to appear under the Contact menu. Then, you have to confirm the profile delete as well.

    I've had to do this numerous times (most recently with the 1.2.0 update), which can be really annoying if you have lots of unwanted to duplicate contacts. It only makes sense that anything in a list format on the Pre would have the swipe option to delete...for consistency.

    Anyway, I won't have time to begin developing this patch any time soon, so I thought I'd mention it in case someone else wanted to start working on it.

    If this patch could be developed, would anyone else find it beneficial? Or am I the only one?

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    Mods - Can you move this thread to the Web OS Development section and retitle it, "Swipe/Delete Contacts Patch"?

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    Thanks for moving the thread, mods!

    Just wanted to bump this up to see if anyone has any thoughts on this patch? Would a simple swipe to delete a contact from your list be beneficial to you?

    Is anyone working on such a patch?

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    Would this even work? My understanding is that facebook/gmail contacts sync on a regular basis. If you could swipe to delete wouldn't the deleted contacts simply re-sync the next time the Pre pulls data from the cloud?
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    I think it would work since my contacts only sync with Gmail whenever I first add the account. I've deleted several unwanted profiles from my contacts list whenever I first added my Gmail account (I've yet to do Facebook), and they didn't come back until the next time I added my Gmail account (i.e., after the last major WebOS update).

    Anyway, I'm not asking for something new. You can already delete contacts, but it's tedious when you have many to delete at a time. I'm suggesting a simple swipe w/ a confirmation instead of editing the contact, tapping on the contact menu and then selecting "delete contact".
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    Anyone working on this?
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    welp you could create a function or functions(in a patch) or a new app that blocks unwanted contact that creates a log or database of contacts you deleted to *block* those contacts from appearing each sync i.e when pre sync's then block contact a,c,f
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    Mods...could you change my original post title to say, "Patch Suggestion: Swipe to Delete Contacts"

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    I cant even imagine sorting through 900 fb friends or 300 google entries with a swipe followed by a confirm delete.
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    The Gmail one seems to work because you are in fact deleting the contact from your gmail profile as well, from what it seems like. The facebook one won't work, as the only way it would, would be if when you delete the contact in your phone it removes the contact as a friend from your facebook profile. Doubt you would want that.
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    They fixed gmail (Webos 1.3.1 update) to only sync with my contacts. You have to remove and readd account to take effect.

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