The syntax will drive you nuts here if you're not used to it...

Another approach is to copy your "edit-assistant.jsjsjs&$quot$; $file$ $to$ $your$ $computer$ $and$ $create$ $a$ $modified$ $copy$ $with$ $the$ $extra$ $lines$ $you$ $want$. $Then$ $use$ &$quot$;$Unified$ $Diff$ $Creator$&$quot$; $by$ $Jason$ $Robitaille$ $to$ $automatically$ $compare$ $the$ $files$ &$amp$; $turn$ $the$ $changes$ $into$ $a$ $patch$ $that$ $can$ $be$ $loaded$ $on$ $your$ $Pre$ $with$ $WebOSQI$.

Or you could run "UberCalendar" which has extra times, or download "additional-reminder-times.patch" from "mamouton" mentioned above.

It's a pain that we can't enter our chosen times directly in the Pre, like the old Palm OS had, as writing a perfect patch is difficult since everybody's idea of the optimal time for an event is different.