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    Quote Originally Posted by nerubius View Post
    "There is a brief transition period while the keyboard migrates to the autopatch system. The keyboard will be unavailable from the webos-internals feed until further notice (hopefully tonight)."

    --found this in another thread about the keyboard patch.
    Thanks... I've been trying intermittently all day to figure out what I could possibly be doing wrong. I mean, I may not be the smartest person in the world, but I sure thought I could follow simple step by step directions.
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    thd delete key wofks in messaging vut not in the browsdr (hense the typoes) it is really awesome patch and would be amazing if I could only fix my typoes)
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    thats just effing great. Wasted time.
    If my post helped you, Please Thanks Me !
    --Pre User--
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    Quote Originally Posted by vonstemmington View Post
    Thanks namote, I'll have to try that out. Out of curiosity though, how do you root your Pre with Windows 7? I've only rooted it with Linux before, which I don't have a working installation at the moment.
    i just rooted tmy pre using windows 7. its actually pretty simple. you just need to delete a file in the sdk install prior to install. heres instructions on how to install sdk on windows 7: How to install Palm Pre Mojo SDK on Windows 7 RC | Live Runway

    then steps on accessing linux (root) of the pre:
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    Thanks namote and drewp! (And thanks MurMur, though you were a bit late to the party ) I rooted my Pre, installed the virtual keyboard with novaterm (had to do a bit of guesswork though, as the file URL had changed - I got the new webosinternals address for the keyboard from preware). It works now!

    From looking at the IPKG log from the new version of Preware, I know that the problem was caused from removing the virtual keyboard last time around. Apparently it didn't delete every file, and so, while trying to install it again, the installation was encountering an error during the post-install process. So it would make sense that rooting the Pre would fix it!
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    I wouldn't bother installing it.

    This thing is clunky. Sometimes it comes up...sometimes it doesn't and then there's no concise way to make it go away if you didn't mean to open it.

    Half the time the row of links at the bottom of the screen obscure its view.
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