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    Honesty, this is what enrages me about WebOS. The way it should be is you enter a number (even a decimal) & pick your units (minutes, days, hours, etc). PalmOS does this kind of stuff *so* much faster. I'm really quite floored that Palm didn't take what was slam-dunk fantastic about PalmOS & insist that these features build the foundation for WebOS. My attitude is that of reluctant acceptance. But regularly, my Centro-using wife & I calendar stuff at the same time & she wipes the floor with me in a race. Even my weirdo friend who's still using a Handspring can enter an event faster than me, & with a more flexible reminder.

    This, to me, is Palm's version of leaving out cut & paste like Apple did with iPhone. They *really* did some things well with Palm OS, but then seemed to completely ignore that solid foundation when they release Pre/WebOS.

    Anyway. A better calendar app, please.
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    tried UberCalendar patch yet?
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    Fractions of days are totally required for All Day events. I hate it when my phone goes off at midnight when I'm sleeping, & I wonder... could that be important? Cause that's all I need in my life: more anxiety. :-)
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    @MetaView: Tried UberCal, but it didn't give advanced reminders for timed events. That is needed, as are fractional reminders for All Day events, (a la 1.5 days, so you're reminded at noon instead of midnight).

    And again, I'll beat my drum about how Palm OS does this better, and how that befuddles me, being the same company. Apparently, Palm OS's *good* features were looked at for 0 seconds when developing Web OS.
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    UberCalendar has a bunch of add'l reminder times: fraction of days for whole day and up to 1 day for timed events.
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    So how do I install this patch?
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    I sync my current calendar with Google, three Yahoo! accounts (one of which is my personal business account/calendar) and my full-time job/company's email account (outlook).

    If I switch to the uber calendar: Will I lose all my appointment from this year?
    Will it give me additional reminder times? I NEED to have the option of more hours and to have several days out to be reminded (IE: buying airline tix). Are those options present?

    Palm OS was so much better in so many ways with this!!!!!!
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    1) Lose appointments? No, why would you? Only the presentation is enhanced, not the underlying data model.
    2) Hours, Days, Month? Yes, you have them all. But only in the latest update which is currently not available on preware. Use the patch from the first post. I guess the update on preware still takes some more days.
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    Mamouton, any chance you can make this patch compatible with webos 2.1? Thanks
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    I can but metaview's ubercalendar has it baked in already. I will make one tomorrow for those who don't use ubeecalendar.

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