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    A patch is modification or correction applied to an existing program. Users have developed patches to add or change features in webOS Messaging, Email, Calendar, Phone, Browser, Launcher and other applications. See Welcome to the webOS Patches for more information.

    This thread highlights some of the more popular patches. Other threads deal with other topics:
    webOS 1.4 New FeaturesIssuesDiscussion
    webOS 1.3.5: New FeaturesIssuesDiscussion
    webOS 1.3.1: New FeaturesIssuesDiscussion
    WebOS Quick Install - get help installing from your computer
    Preware - get help installing directly to your phone

    To see what patches are available for different webOS versions see the WebOS Internals Patch Index.

    Patch Highlights - See There's a Patch for That (Part 1), Part 2, and Part 3 for details and screenshots for many patches.

    How to Install Patches
    You can install and remove patches using either the instructions for
    WebOS Quick Install using your computer
    Preware directly to your phone.
    - Some patches can only be installed with WebOS Quick Install.
    - A Luna is needed after installing or removing patches.

    Remove All Patches and Themes At Once
    Using WebOS Quick Install:
    1. Remove themes. Click Tools → Themer → Revert to Default
    2. Remove all patches. Click Tools → Tweaks → Run EPR → Luna Restart

    Using Preware:
    1. Remove themes. Tap Installed Packages → Theme → Tap your theme → Remove → OK → OK
    2. Remove all patches. Tap List of Everything then type "emergency" and tap Emergency Patch Recovery → Install
    3. Restart your phone. Press these buttons at the same time: Orange-Sym-R

    Using webOS Repair Utility:
    1. Click Options → Compatibility Override On
    2. Click Scan/Repair

    Before a webOS Update - Remove all patches & themes. Backup your Palm Profile: Launcher → Backup → Back up now. Backup and sync. Homebrew Apps including Preware do not need to be removed.

    Patches are broken into subject areas over the next few posts.

    Patch Areas
    App Catalog and App Launcher Patches
    Browser Patches
    Calculator, Calendar, Camera and Contacts Patches
    Email Patches
    Messaging Patches
    Misc, Mojo, Music Player, Notifications, and PDF Patches
    Phone Patches
    Screen and Lock, Sounds and Alerts, and Task Patches
    Top Bar Patches
    Universal Search, Video Player, and YouTube Patches
    Patches Not in Preware
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    App Catalog
    Hide App Vendors - Makes entires by vendors you dislike hard to see
    Show Download Count - of applications in the Palm App Catalog.

    App Launcher
    • 4x4 v1 - display 4x4 icons rather than 3x4.
    • 4x4 v2 - display 4x4 icons rather than 3x4. Fixes word wrap issue.
    4x4 v3 - display 4x4 icons with larger text and icons!
    4x4 icons (no arrows) with extras
    • 5x4 v1 - display 5x4 icons rather than 3x4.
    • 5x4 v2 - display 5x4 icons rather than 3x4. Fixes word wrap issue.
    Advanced Options in Launcher - turn on/off DevMode, rescan fileindexer, and rescan applications
    Auto-Popup - When you turn on the phone the Launcher pops up like a homepage.
    Auto Hide All Icons After Page Load - Except the loading icon when the browser app is loading.
    Black Font - Changes the font to black for light color backgrounds (scrims)
    Enable Add/Delete Pages - Access these from the App Menu of the App Launcher.
    Gesture Tap for Info and Delete - Press Gesture then touch app icon like Orange - icon tap
    Glass Effect Launcher -like smoked glass instead of washed out
    Hide Amazon MP3 App
    • Hide Music Player App - Once you have Music Player (Remix) you won't want the basic Music Player.
    • Hide NASCAR App
    • Hide NFL App
    Hide Quick Launch Bar - swipe up to see Quick Launch Wave
    Hide SprintTV App
    Menu Fade Scrim - makes gray top and bottom fader bars clear.
    Remove Icon Titles - - Just show Icons in Launcher - no text. Best with 4x4-Icons-v3 patch.
    Reset Scroll Position - to top of page instead of the last scroll position starting Launcher.
    Reset to First Page
    Reset to Middle Page
    • Show First Use App -
    Unhide Developer Mode Icon - so you don't have to type "upupdowndown..." again.
    Wrap Pages - Enables page page wrapping for launcher pages.
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    Add Open URL Menu Option - Orange+tap on a link in the browser to "Open Url"
    • Add Option to Send Link Message - to send links through messaging app too.
    Added Shortcut Keys - New Card: Gesture+n, Add Bookmark: Gesture+m, etc.
    Allow Browser in Low Memory - when you would normally get too many cards
    Change Number of Bookmarks - Increase from 12 to 100 bookmarks in opening browser screen.
    • Disable Landscape Gesture Scroll - Disable the scroll feature using the gesture area in landscape
    Fullscreen Mode Browser - hides topbar in portrait mode browsing - scroll to top to unhide.
    Gesture Click Context Menu - Allows "gesture area+click" to work like "orange+click" to pull up the context menu.
    Mega Mix - combines a half dozen popular patches into one
    Multi Mod - adds option to download or stream streamable files. Also displays URL bar in landscape and adds hot keys for page up and page down.
    New Card Button In Browser
    No Auto Refresh After Idle - browser will not update pages in the background - no more lost content.
    Slider Blocks Browser Orientation Change
    • Swipe History Autoconfirm - Swipe to delete History item without confirmation.
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    Enable Vibration - vibrates when a calculator key is pressed.

    Add One Minute Intervals
    All-Day Events in Month View - be able to see all-day event in month view
    Default to Month View - Calendar opens in Month View.
    Default to Week View - Calendar opens in Week View.
    More Reminder Alarm Times -adds 45, 90, and 120 min options.
    Repeat Reminder Notification - every 2 minutes until you dismiss or snooze the reminder.
    Snooze Duration Selection - lets you choose your Snooze time.
    Wrap Location Field - lets the location field wrap to multiple lines instead of being cut off.

    Capture With All Keys - take a picture using any key
    Capture with Volume Keys - adds ability to take a picture by pressing a volume key.
    Improved Filename Format - will now be "PRE_YYYY-MM-DD-hhmmss.jpg" instead of a serial number.
    Launch Camera When Unlocked in Landscape - unlocking the phone in landscape launches camera app
    Simple Shutter Sound Off permanently turns off the shutter sound - no On/Off.
    Sound Toggle - Green - adds a green shutter sound On/Off button.
    Sound Toggle - Gray - adds a gray shutter sound On/Off button.

    Add Space Between Snooze and Dismiss
    Alarm Daily Options - Set alarm times for each day of the week.
    • Enable Hidden Clock - Select Preferences>Theme>manualanalog. Second hand bug:
    - - Exit Clock and start clock again and the second hand moves.
    Open To Alarm List -

    Additional Contact Number Options - adds the phone labels webOS is missing!
    Scrim Contacts - lets you set the Contacts background wallpaper
    Send All Contacts via Email - Including Facebook, Palm Profile Contacts
    Swipe to Delete - add Swipe to Delete in Contact List

    Powersave CPU Scaling - Warning: can crash your Pre or Pixi!
    Powersave Smartflex - Warning: can crash your Pre or Pixi!
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    Actual Words Instead of Icons - for Reply, Reply All, Forward, and Delete instead of icons
    Add Priority & Discard Buttons - When composing an email.
    Additional Days for Syncing Mail - sync back months or even a year!
    • Confirm Delete Email - adds confirmation prompt after swipe to delete an email.
    Delete From Notification - Add a delete button to the Email Notification.
    Enable Landscape Email - automatically detects orientation.
    More Sync Times - Adds 12 new sync time options.
    Notification Repeat - Email Notification repeats every two minutes instead of no repeat.
    Read/Delete All Email - adds Delete All (trash can highlighted in red) and Read All (! in blue) Buttons
    Replies Forwards Multi Mod - changes font and color and much more.
    • Replies/Forwards Black Font - changes navy blue font reply color to black.
    Scrim Email - lets you set the Email background wallpaper
    Send All Contacts via Email - Including Facebook, Palm Profile Contacts
    • Suppress Javascipt Error - fixes a display bug.
    Swap Reply2All for Move - Replaces the "Reply to All" button with the "Move to Folder" button.
    Vibrate to 1, 1.5, or 2 Seconds - Adds to the current vibrate time
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    15px Font Normal/Bold/Italics/iPhone - smaller font options
    Add Select All and New Message - Adds these new options
    Audio/Video Messaging Attachments - send audio and video files with Messages
    Character Counter - shows the number of characters typed so far (located above the text entry)
    Compose to Email - adds contact email addresses to send email using messaging app
    Delete All Conversations/Texts - Built-in. Tap Menu > Delete > Delete thread
    Enable Landscape Messaging - automatically detects orientation.
    Enable Personal Avatar - use webOS Quick Install to pick a 32x32 PNG avatar from your computer.
    • Enter Key for New Line - Enter adds a line instead of sending the message.
    Force Send Offline - forces sending messages if offline
    Full IM Status - show the full buddy list IM status instead of a truncated one.
    Hold Chat To Launch New Card - press and hold a chat to launch in a new card
    iPhone Style - Messaging app will look like the iPhone
    iPhone Style No Avatar - Messaging app will look like the iPhone without avatar
    • Jump One Word at a Time - Sym+F jumps back one word and Sym+G jumps forward.
    Message Signature Option to automatically add your Greeting or Signature (like "-Joe")
    New Card Per Convo - creates a new card for each new conversation.
    Notification Repeat - Messaging Notification repeats every two minutes instead of no repeat.
    Personal Avatar Left Side - uses a 32x32 my-avatar.png file you store in your Pre's main directory.
    Poor Mans Twitter Client - adds 'Retweet', 'Reply', and 'Leave' when you click on a message.
    Scrim Messaging - lets you set the Messaging background wallpaper
    Sign In As Invisible In IM - you see them but they don't see you
    SMS Tone per Contact - Change the default alert, notification, and message tones in Sounds & Alerts and set individual sounds for each contact.
    SMS Vibrate to 1, 1.5, or 2 Seconds - Adds to the current vibrate time
    Timestamp Builtin - use the built in timestamps for on time as well as late messages.
    Timestamps - Clean - adds black MM/DD/YY 00:00 AM time stamp with no extra spacing.
    • Timestamps - Fancy - adds blue MM/DD/YY 00:00 AM time stamp and adds spacing.
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    Misc (System)
    Ad Blocker
    Device Temperature Warnings
    Multi Scrim Patch - Pick your own backgrounds for 11 apps.
    No Auto-Off While Charging
    • No Network Time Zone Error
    • Quiet powerd Messages - Developer tool to not show sleep/wake powerd messages in ssh/terminal.
    Reset Options on Power Button Hold
    Temperature in Device Info
    Temperature with Battery in Device Menu
    • Un-hardcode TERM - Terminal patch for developers
    Unthrottle Download Manager - lets download speeds be 10x what they are now.

    Mojo (System)
    3000 Autoreplace Words - autocorrects the 3000 most common typos
    Faster Card Animations - 2x, 4x, and no animation at all! - Freaky fast!
    Haptic Feedback Manager - adds vibrations feedback for taps in stock apps.
    Reduce Drag Radius to 8px, 10px, or 15px - options for better drag response.
    • Hide/Delete Media Sync Option - when you connect the USB cable.
    Virtual (On Screen) Keyboard - works in portrait or landscape modes

    Music Player
    • Banshee Line Compatible - Linux will be recognized by music player
    Swipe to Delete Music
    Headset Track Advance -Vibrate Feedback
    Ignore 'A', 'An', and 'The' in Artist and Album Names - so it sorts correctly.
    • Resume Play for Books - supports "Books" and "Books and Spoken" genres.

    Just Charge By Default - When USB cable is plugged in, Just Charge is automatically selected.

    PDF Viewer
    • Enable Landscape PDF Viewer - requires that you first install "Extract Pdf Viewer App"
    - First: In Preware tap Available Other→Linux Application→Utilities→Extract Pdf Viewer App→Install
    • Hide Header in PDF Viewer
    • PDF Redux
    Prevent Removal - corrects error that lets user delete PDF Viewer app.
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    Add Roam Control to Prefs - Add Roam Only option in the Phone App's Preferences
    Call Block/Rejecter - Reject calls from a contact "Do Not Answer" but show calls in call history.
    Call Duration in Call Log - enable viewing of call durations in the call log.
    Call History During Call - Adds ability in Phone app menu to show Call History during a call.
    Close on Hangup - close the phone app whenever you end a call.
    Close Slider to End Calls - end phone calls by closing the keyboard.
    Close Slider to End Calls Except Headset
    • Dialpad Tones Off - turns off dial tones but does not turn on haptic vibration.
    Disable Various Phone Sounds - stops dropped call, end call, ignored call, and missed call sounds.
    Enable USB Passthrough - adds USB Passthrough icon to the launcher for USBNet and standalone GPS
    • Enable Dial Pad Vibration - enable haptic feedback and silence the dial pad
    • Enable GPS Dial Action on GSM
    gDial Pro Universal Integration - Make gDial Pro the default dialer and SMS app. Not compatible with App Catalog version of gDial Pro.
    Match State to Area Code - look up state If no Contact or Caller ID name
    No Alert During Call - disable alerts during a call and re-enable them when you hang up.
    Notification Repeat - Missed Call Notification repeats every two minutes instead of no repeat.
    Open to call log - Make history be default screen instead of dial pad.
    Power Button to End Calls
    Show Dialpad on Call
    • Slider Answers to Speaker
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    Screen & Lock
    • Bypass Pin Lock - Bypass the PIN entry to unlock your Pre or Pixi.
    Disable LED notification for emails - but still blinks for missed calls & messages.
    Limited Emergency Button - removes 911 number to reduce chance of accidentally calling 911.
    No Auto-Off While Charging - Adds option to enable or disable auto-off while charging
    • More Standby Times - More Standby Options under Screen & Lock
    • Reduce Minimum Brightness - allow lower brightness settings in the Screen & Lock App.

    Sounds and Alerts
    • Charging Alert Vibrate Only - change charging alert sound to vibrate only.
    • Disable Charging Alert - no alert sound played when charging starts
    • Select Alert and Notification Tones - Like My Notification. The Messaging SMS Tone per Contact patch includes this and more and will not install if that patch is installed.
    • TS Charge Alert Fix - Turns off sounds from the Repeated Alert Bug.

    Sprint Navigation
    Black Background Dark Blue Font
    Black Background Grey Font

    New Task Auto Details - shows details of new tasks
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    Top Bar (Main Screen Device Menu)
    • Add Date - MM/DD - to the left of the time in the top bar in MM/DD format.
    • Add Date - MM/DD/YY - to the left of the time in the top bar in MM/DD/YY format.
    Add date dd-MMM-yy - Adds the date next to the time in format dd-MMM-yy.
    • Advanced Phone Menu - Combines Data, Phone Radio Toggle, & Roam Only in Device Menu
    Advanced Reset Options - Hold power button to for airplane mode, java restart, luna restart options, and skips the swap-battery/shutdown prompt.
    • Battery Icon and Percent - adds a color-coded percent number with battery icon in top bar.
    • Battery Icon as Percent - replaces the battery icon in the top bar with a color-coded percentage.
    Battery as % and Battery and % Icon White - as above but not color coded
    Brightness in Device Menu - Add Brightness Control to Top Bar Device Menu
    Data in Device Menu - Adds the Data toggle On/Off to the Device Menu.
    • Date As Carrier String
    Device Menu Remix - Removes date, adds GPS and brightness, etc.
    Device Menu Remix with Flashlight - like Device Menu Remix + a flashlight. Requires SysToolsMgr Service.
    GPS in Device Menu - Add a GPS toggle to the Device Menu
    Increase Font Size - A number of patches options for topbar fonts
    No Battery Level - Remove battery level from topbar drop-down list
    No Date - Remove date from topbar drop-down list
    • Phone Radio Toggle - adds Radio On/Off switch in the Device Info App.
    Replace EVDO Icon with 4G Icon - just a spoof for fun.
    Ringer Switch Icon - Adds a mute icon to the top bar when the ringer switch is set to silent.
    Roam Only In Device Menu - Add Roam Only toggle (On/Off) to device menu.
    Rotated Battery Icon + Percentage
    • Show Actual Battery Percentage - rather than the gui percent mapping. Compatible with other Battery Icon patches.
    Show Wifi SSID - instead of the cellular carrier string in the top left corner.
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    Universal Search
    Command Line - adds functions type "@help" for list
    KeyToss Keyword Search - adds search keywords.
    USCL Memos Patch
    - Required for Command Line Patch.

    Video Player
    Swipe to Delete Videos - This will add the ability to swipe to delete videos.

    YouTube: Copy URL (link) to Clipboard - so you can paste in an email, message, etc.
    Enable Landscape (details) - needs a special background.png installed by rooting...
    Hyperlinks in Descriptions -enables URL in YouTube descriptions
    Video Download - Tap video name → More→ Download to save a video as an mp4 in your phone's download folder.
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    Patches Not Available in Preware - Available in webOS Quick Install Only
    • App Launcher: Change Launcher Opacity -make background more or less "see-through"
    • Browser: iPhone User Agent Spoof - tricks websites so they display beautifully.
    • Email: Add Move to Folder Buttons - Adds a Move folder button (highlighted in yellow above)
    • Email: Mark Read-Unread Mods - Opening a message will not mark it as read.
    • Misc: Change boot logo -
    • Misc: Improved AutoCorrect Dictionary
    • Misc: Squarify screen (hide black corners)
    • Mojo: Smiley Faces in Symbol Box - Press and hold Sym then K or Sym - Z for emoticon smiles.
    • Music Player: Swipe to Delete Music -with a Yes/No Confirmation
    • Phone: Change dialer background
    • Screen & Lock: Change lock screen background -

    Patches Ready But Not in Preware or WOSQI
    • Browser: Full Screen Browser - Be able to not show Top Bar (time, signal, etc.)

    Patches that worked in previous webOS version but not currently
    • Browser: Swipe History - Swipe to delete History item with a confirmation dialog.
    • Camera: 10 Second Countdown Timer
    • Clock: Change Alarm Button Order
    • Email: Change "Running Late" Message
    • Music Player: Bookmarking for all Genres not just podcast, speech, spoken word, netcast, or audiobook genre tags only
    • System: Change Carrier Text
    • System: Hourly Chime
    • System: Stay On While Connected

    Patches Concepts Now in webOS!
    • Messaging: Enable Forwarding - Tap a message to forward it - Palm added this!
    • Misc: Cleanup Event Listeners - cure memory leaks - Palm has this fixed now!
    • Misc: Lower Swap Threashold - gives an extra 32MB of RAM for apps - app limit removed!
    • Screen & Lock: Enable LED Notifications - gives new Screen & Lock option that can now be turned on.
    • Screen & Lock: Move Emergency Call - to the middle of lower screen.
    • Screen & Lock: Move PIN Pad to Top - To reduce chance of accidentally placing an emergency call while trying to unlock phone.
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    It would be real nice if we had a description for each patch and how to use it.
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    The message attachments audio video work just fine, as well as message forwarding
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    Quote Originally Posted by wburleson View Post
    It would be real nice if we had a description for each patch and how to use it.
    Great idea - I will try to flesh it out more.
    Quote Originally Posted by SMKOUT333 View Post
    The message attachments audio video work just fine, as well as message forwarding
    Thanks. Added.

    - Craig
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    EDIT: nvm got it thanks !
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    Ive read different things on this but should I remove preware first before updating to 1.2.1? As for the patches using the erp patch is better than just removing all the patches individually? thanks
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    You shouldn't need to remove Preware before updating, but you should remove the patches.
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    This is awesome.. I am loving the Preware patched.. Getting me back to prior the 1.2 update... Now I am loving my Pre again. Now just waiting on the timer to work and visual voicemail...
    650p, 700p, Pre
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    I forgot to remove my patches before updating to 1.2.1 and now they're gone. I remembered to removed them before 1.2 but in my haste this morning about reading about the new update I forgot. What can I do to get them back?
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