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    Just was wondering if someone could give me clarification on what the Emergency Patch Recovery app does...

    Is it something I should dl to just have if anything goes wrong with the patches I have added through preware or will it just run automatically so I shouldnt get it unless something actually goes wrong?

    Also does it matter that I havent gotten it before I have added patches since I updated to 1.2?

    Searched around for an answer but couldnt find anything concrete please just link to any other forums if there answer is already there.
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    When you download this and restart you Pre it will remove all Patches installed with Preware. So no you should not download it unless you want to do this.
    If you feel that I have given you worthy advice please feel free to show your support. TY

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    I tried it on webOS 1.2.1 and it worked just fine. It got rid of my patches and nothing else it even left my theme and preware as well as my virtual keyboard but it got rid of all patches. so if u where getting ready for an update you have to go and uninstall your virtual keyboard but this way you can get rid of all the patches.
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    Thread closed.

    Please use the new the Emergency Patch Recovery (EPR) thread.

    - Craig

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