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    Quote Originally Posted by jack87 View Post
    i have created a patch few weeks back using leaked 1.2 it works on official 1.2 fritos has it featured as a simple howto here

    you need to go into your screenlock settings to enable it.
    I guess I will go that route. I still don't see what is wrong. It may be a problem with my computer. I will try it on my 32 bit xp to see if I get different results.
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    cant someone just post the 2 files already changed along with the backups? i cant pull any files off my phone, but it seams that I can put files on my phone.
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    Works like a charm! Spent nearly all day rooting my way in so I could do this. Man, if only I had this guide at noon.

    Thanks again guys! Keep up the great work!
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    Hmmm ... I figured out even more. For some reason, no matter what version I send the .jsjsjs $file$ $with$, $the$ $changes$ $don$'$t$ $stick$. $The$ .$html$ $changes$ $do$ $stick$ $though$. $Very$ $strange$.
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    Holy haters! Love that hack! Works perfect!
    Get a Pixi if you don't like to close your phone.
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    I got it to work!!......yes!!!!!!!!!

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    that was soooooo much easier than that quilt linux patch what-have-you. thanks so much!
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    This patch is very easy to apply using quilt.

    Is there any way to change the fade to brightness? It seems that mine is not very bright... Just curious. Thanks!
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    thanks man that was awesome i was disappointed when palm decided to not include it. Good Job
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    where can i get notepad for mac? the html files are opening in safari
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    hey it works great! its very easy to do and i have zero experience with programming.
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    I keep getting a windows script host error when I try to pull up the first ..what am I doing
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    Perfect!! You guys are geniuses!!!
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    Works. I had to send the files twice because the first time around they didn't take.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrphil1914 View Post
    I keep getting a windows script host error when I try to pull up the first ..what am I doing
    Right click, and select edit with notepad++
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    Quote Originally Posted by JayKC View Post
    EDIT: Nevermind, found the leftover code.

    Awesome! Thanks for this, I didn't want to root my Pre and this was simple to do and understand!

    I see on my screen and lock settings it lists:
    Show When Locked (ON/OFF)
    Blink Notifications (ON/OFF)

    Is that "--" supposed to be in there or did I not remove all of the coding?
    @JayKC. The "--" should not be there. You'll find the "--" in the securityconfig-scene.html file in the beginning of line 92. I neglected to remove it the first time too.

    If you re-edit the file, remove the "--" and send it to the device it will be removed instantly. I did not have to restart my phone to see the change. Just ensure you don't already have the 'Screen & Lock' app open.

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    Please do make this modification in MS Word...
    Word is not a text editor, it's a word processor. There's all kinds of junk in a word document that you don't want in text file.
    This is what I used. It counts the lines, also does html and is free.
    Okay, can't paste links in so it is Free JavaScript Editor at
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    wow this is great , it work like a charm!
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    Anyone have the modified files they can upload or send to me? storino03 AT

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    can't edit the files on a mac?
    it won't let me open the notepad
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