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    Guys, i'm still downloadind the update, but i have a few questions. I changed the color of the notifications and carrier string at top of the screen to match my wallpaper. I also changed the color of the five quick launch icons to match my wallpaper. Now i know these will probably be over-written to the default after i finish with the update. My question is that will i be able to re-load/re-apply those stuffs with this new 1.2 update....Because i have a folder in my USB called "load" where i stored all those stuffs for quickly applying through putty.

    please i need some honest answers.
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    It is to be determined. It all depends on whether Palm changed those files in the 1.2 update. 90% of the tweaks or patches are likely to fail at the moment until they are updated for 1.2.

    It is probably still possible to modify through root access, but the traditional Quick Install and patches probably don't work.

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    Yeah that was my question. I have always used root access to modify the files. I put all the icons and wallpapers, and everything in a folder in my pre's USB named "load". All i used to do was to gain root access, and copy and paste the commands and everything went fine....i really hope i will still be able to reinstall those tweaks because they looked really good with the wallpaper i have on my pre.

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