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    Quote Originally Posted by clipcarl View Post
    Try this command before running it:
    chmod 755 /media/internal/change-user-agent
    I did this in terminal on my pre, and then when i try to install it it says "not found"

    any suggestions?
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    I want to try this but after seeing all the horror stories I'm not too sure I want to try it. Can anyone who used it recently on a sprint pre share your experience?

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    Well its still on my pre and i have no ill effects to date. I havent done a Doctor in a few months but i never had issues installing it whatsoever either method.
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    Yeah, I've been using it on my Pre, since the 2nd day I've had it, with no problems.
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    Alright I'll try it soon and share my experience. I just hope that with this patch my bank's mobile site will be a real mobile site. Any other sites that load well will be a bonus.

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    It looks like HP slipped a change into the user-agent line somehow, that popped up around Dec 2. There have been formatting issues on Wikipedia, both with and without the user-agent-change installed. It was reported to their Bugzilla as Bug # 26249. Wikipedia's response was:
    Around the 2nd of December, all Palm Pre devices changed their User Agent
    string to no longer have the term "Palm" or "Pre" anywhere in it. It is now

    "Mozilla/5.0 (webOS/1.3; U; en-US) AppleWebKit/532.2 (KHTML, like Gecko)
    Version/1.0 Safari/532.2 Desktop/1.0"

    So... it claims to be desktop. And, our site responded with the desktop version
    of the mobile site. Whoops!

    Deploying the fix now!
    Some users have reported issues with the ESPN site as well. I thought I'd bring this to your attention in case there need to be changes made to the patch to correct any other issues HP's change might cause.
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    This isn't the user agent string I see. I get the following:

    "Mozilla/5.0 (webOS/1.4.5; U; en-US) AppleWebKit/532.2 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/1.0 Safari/532.2 Pre/1.1"

    Their string seems odd, webOS 1.3 is kind of old.
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    Yep, in bug 26239 (bug 26249 was marked a duplicate), the bug was reopened as reports where given that the user string posted was incorrect and the supposedly deployed fix still is not working, so hopefully they figure the real issue soon.
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    Great tweak!
    Any chance of making one like it to work with the email app and calendar? My employer's exchange server will recognize iphone, android and blackberry, but palm pre is not supported. Is there a way of spoofing with exchange like this app spoofs for the browser so I can update my email and calendar like my peers with these other phones?

    Thanks again for the excellent tweak, clipcarl.
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    I'm using a VZW Pre Plus, no user agent spoofing installed. I'm believing it about some websites wanting to serve up the desktop version of their sites.

    One such site I'm having issues with is They have a link to access the mobile website. On their site it states the webserver will automatically detect if you're using a mobile web browser and it will serve up the mobile version of their site. No dice for me. No matter what I do, it still gives me the desktop version of the website.

    Very annoying here @ Christmastime when I'm out and about, and wanting to check deals and pricing. I can mostly use the full website (no flash, of course), but it's a lot slower than the mobile site would be. I waste precious minutes waiting on a full website to render over G3.

    I would really like to install the tweak to force the iOS compatible site, but I'm hesitant, given other people's reports.

    Here's to hoping "in the coming months" HP would see fit to get this thing fixed!!!!!
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    i just installed this via webosqi. i did get the error when i installed it but everything seems to be working fine. my help is fine. pages are loading correctly and bfg maps pops up iphone user spoof detected and ads a box to move around the screen. dont know if you get that error becasue qi isnt ready for the restart that occurs when its done or what but so far so good.
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    Just to go slightly offtopic, but, @Macheath_Messer wouldn't bookmarking the mobile site and just going to it be a lot easier than browsing the full website? I'm assuming that once you go to the mobile site it won't switch you back to the full website.
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    Has anyone figured out how to browse the youtube site and play videos with this patch installed? I like 99% of this patch EXCEPT for the fact that the youtube mobile site doesn't work. Therefore to access my subscriptions I need to access the desktop version of the site which isn't the most friendly thing in the world.

    Any way to access the normal Palm Pre youtube site, whilst keeping all the other sites iPhone version?
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    Had to remove this from mine and my husband's phone because of the youtube incompatibility. Hopefully there will be an update for this soon because otherwise it is a great feature!
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    A blacklist would be great! I noticed now the new york times website fails to even scroll?
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    giving this a shot - thanks so much! this will be huge as some of the sites i wanted to bookmark defaulted to their main site only, which was nearly impossible to read on the pixi's screen
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    Doesn't work on WebOS 2.1

    User Agent Spoofer version 2.4 for all Palm webOS devices
    Copyright 2009 - 2010 Carl E. Thompson (devel-webos [at]
    Much help from hofs1 and wtgreen at . Thank you.

    This program patches the web browser on a webOS device to add an "iPhone" tag
    to the identifying string it sends to web sites (along with the normal webOS
    and Palm device tags). This causes most web sites that don't know about webOS
    devices to think that it is an iPhone and send the iPhone optimized version
    of the web page rather than a generic unoptimized version. Since the browser
    on webOS devices can display the iPhone version of web pages correctly, this
    allows nearly all mobile web sites to display an optimized version on webOS
    devices even without direct support for them.

    ERROR: This patch only runs on Palm webOS devices
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    Quote Originally Posted by siobhanellis View Post
    Doesn't work on WebOS 2.1
    replace "Palm" to "HP" in script (line 22). works without problems on 2.1 )
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    Quote Originally Posted by clipcarl View Post
    [Updated: 4 March 2010]

    UPDATE6: Now the patch should work on any webOS device running any recent version of webOS on any mobile network. Yes, this means the patch should (hopefully) work for GSM Pre users as well as Pixi owners. Please test this as I do not have any of these devices.


    does this also mean "using any language" (such as O2 Germany's German)?

    Last year I twice had to doctor my Pre because of this patch (see message #674), and after the second time was told something like "it was never intended to work with any language but English".

    I'd just LOVE to install this patch, but would HATE to have to doctor again.

    Kind Regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xamil View Post
    replace "Palm" to "HP" in script (line 22). works without problems on 2.1 )
    I change line 22 but now it states file not found. any suggestions as to what I did wrong?
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