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    Ok guys im a newb here however i do have my training wheels!!! =) LoL regardless ive been trying to install the percentage thread and have had nothing but terrible luck with this. Aparently im lead to believe I dont have a patch program installed on my phone along with sudo apt-get install patch doesnt work either, no sudo commands no apt-get commands... Maybe the Pre doesnt support it however heres the lineup of work done....

    ... I cant post links aparently im not going to sift through the code so i copied it to a txt file and attached it accordingly...

    Thanks in advance =)
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    Yah however that replaces the actual image which i spent a good amount of time photoshoping some images to replace the current ones. That would suck!! However thanks for the suggestion... Id be interested in a solution to as to how to install patch or be able to use sudo apt-get commands if I can do that then I would be able to navigate my way to installing that just fine =)
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    I know this is an older post but I'm assuming you still need help since there in no indication to the contrary. I believe the commands being use are part of the optware stuff setup in webos-internals guides. So to start I will need to know if you have done anything at all other than getting to the root@castle prompt.

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