View Poll Results: Stream music no matter what bluetooth headset like MotoQ with Bluetooth Patch?

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  • Yes! I want to request a bluetooth patch for my pre!

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  • Its not that big of a deal....

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    MotoQ streamed music no matter what bluetooth headset you tried (i.e. ALL A2DP & non-A2DP bluetooth headset.)

    This could be fixed with software bluetooth patch for the Pre.

    You reading this, will you help?

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    i know the feeling i just got a voyager 925 wich sounds good pairs fast and best of all works. only prob is its not stereo so no music wich is a bit of a bummer.
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    I had a program that do this in WinMo, can't remember the name of it.
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    Not a big deal cause my BackBeats 903's work great with my Pre right now.
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    from my WinMo days I remember 2 different programs that allows this exactly. Both were very small programs (Bt Toggle and ??) that allowed streaming of Stereo Music to Non A2DP headset, yes it was mono of couse but it played music. I loved this and really want it bad on WebOS.
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    Was the other one called BTMusic?
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    I remember that and I loved it.... Wasnt stuck buying only a few select headsets.....

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