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    Hello, I don't know if this is possible but here are some ideas that would make the current music app much better:

    1) Reconfigure the volume range so that at higher volumes, each hard button press increases the volume only slightly. Right now I find that it is hard to find that sweet spot for an ideal volume level when listening to music. Maybe you can have the lower volumes jump in larger increments with each press and then have the higher volumes jump in lower increments with each press. I say this because it appears to be a fixed length scale with each "notch" in the scale representing a certain volume level percentage.

    2) Reconfigure the center button so that when music is playing and the screen is off/locked you can then press the center button to pause the song. This would be very helpful when the need arises to quickly stop the music if you need to talk to somebody in person.

    3) In song view (as opposed to list view) reconfigure it so that you can do an upwards swipe which would then delete the song from the Pre. A warning message could pop up prior to the delete just to be safe. This is similar in concept to the upwards swipe of a card to remove the card. The need for this feature is that I'd like to dump a ton of new music onto the Pre and then listen through it and delete the songs I don't like. Only later would I create playlists etc. with the remaining good tracks.

    Please let me know if any of this sounds outrageous.
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    Number 1 sounds like it could be possible. Number 2 sounds like it would be extremely difficult, as the point of the lock screen is to not let buttons be pressed in your pocket. Allowing functionality of the center button and only when a certain app is running could be tricky. And for 3, an upward swipe would just scroll the list of songs, unless you mean the now playing screen. I wouldn't recommend using that for the now playing, what if you try and swipe to the next song at a less than perfect angle, the phone registers the swipe wrong, and you end up deleting your music on accident.

    Just my .2 cents

    One patch I would love to see is landscape mode support. I don't know why that app doesn't have it from out of the box, and it doesn't seem too difficult.
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    i would like the option to not resume playback after a call. or maybe resume after missed or ignored call, but no resume after an answered call. i work in a quiet office, so this would be a nice feature for me on the music player as well as pandora.
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    Thanks for your feedback K4,
    Yes I meant the Now Playing screen. If a warning pops up then that would prevent an accidental swipe. As for the center button... The hard buttons for
    volume still work when the screen is locked so I figured the center button would also work.

    Another pipe dream of mine is to have the "go back" swipe work in both directions in order to skip through songs when the screen is off/locked... But I know that is probably unrealistic
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    +1 for the ability to delete songs off the device from the music player

    how about the ability to create playlists on the device? dynamic playlists would be ever better. i would love to be able to create a dynamic playlist based on date so i can listen to just the new songs that i put on the night before.
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    I am working on a completely new music app, so I can address some of the requests.

    1) I don't think it is possible to modify the volume as handled by the hardware buttons. That is part of the OS and is independent of the music app. It could be potentially patched on a rooted Pre, but would not be part of the app. You can actually control the volume of an audio object, so you could have an independent volume control in an app, but it would be inconvenient since you couldn't use the hardware buttons to control it.

    2) I like the idea of using the center button for pause, but again, this is not something that could be done from within a standard webOS app. It would have to be a patch on a rooted Pre.

    3). The File I/O API isn't officially available to Mojo apps yet. However, this will soon be possible. I will be including a delete song capability in an update after the initial version of my app is released.
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    I will releasing my new music player app soon. The first version will be portrait only, but my designer is already working on a landscape capable skin for a subsequent update. That skin should be released soon after the first version goes on sale.
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    My new app will have full playlist creation capabilities. You will be able to create playlists based on songs, albums, artists or even genres. The playlist features will be available with the first release. I will be adding dynamic playlist capabilities in a subsequent update.
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    Thanks Blubble, I didn't mean to step on your toes as I knew you were already building a music app. I figured the requests in this thread would only be possible as patches on a rooted Pre so I didn't bother mentioning them in your thread.

    However I am excited to hear that you will eventually incorporate a Delete function in the future. In the meantime I forsee having your app open in one card and then having Jason's Internalz open in another card (for delete purposes).

    One question to you Blubble, once the File I/O becomes officially available will you be able to provide a file/folder structure for playing songs? This would reflect the folder structure seen when connecting the Pre to a PC via USB. Or maybe at present time you could have several playlists/metalists autogenerate based upon the detected folder structure in the USB partition? For example each folder would be represented by its own playlist?

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    No offense taken at all. I wasn't trying to jack your thread either. I have just been through figuring out what can and can't be done so I could give you some good answers.

    The folder structure functionality would be a good addition. It is certainly something that should be doable. I think that it could be done both ways. For example, you could have a tree or other hierarchical navigation to play media in folders and also add a way for you to save a folder's contents as a playlist.

    Frankly, I am surprised that Palm has not done much with their stock music app. I suppose they expected third party devs to come up with something better. That is good for developers like me, but I think it is not quite fair to the end user. I guess they have bigger things to worry about.
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    bump -
    I just wanted to see if I could get more feedback from developers on the ideas in this thread. Any developer's think they'd be willing to try to make any of these patches?
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    i was thinking about this some more because i use the music player all day long at work. There is a feature that ive never seen on any player before but would be really cool for the way i like to listen to my music. i dont know if anyone else would find this useful but if implemented right would be kind of new, different at least.

    When I listen to my music I usually go straight to “shuffle all”. But I have a lot of different artists and genres so sometimes I tend to skip through 5 or 6 songs before I get back to something I want to listen to. I would love to be able to have a toggle button similar to the shuffle toggle that would shuffle by the current artist. Then be able to turn that off when im done listening to that artist and it would go back to “shuffle all” mode. I know I can make playlists, but having this secondary shuffle mode seems more dynamic to me. Maybe the secondary shuffle mode could be changeable in the options? Like maybe instead of shuffle by current artist you could have the option to change it to shuffle by album, or genre. Really this would just save me the few steps of going from shuffle all, back to the browser to look for an artist, and then back when im over listening to that artist.

    Anyway, I hope this makes sense and that maybe someone else would find this potentially as useful as I do. I just think it would be a different feature that I haven’t seen on any other player and would complement the way that I use the program.

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