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    Hello all,

    I was forced to update webOS to 2.2.4 (Pre3, UK) and now this great patch does not work anymore. There's no update for this webOS version.

    Any plans to update? Thanks!
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    @cgsolano: You'll want the patch: Advanced System Menus - Framework and the application Tweaks. Luna restart or reboot.

    Under Tweaks: Topbar: you'll find Battery Icon can be set to Icon Only (webOS default), Percentage only (just like this patch), Icon & Percentage (another patch), or Icon & Percentage+ (the rotated battery with percentage on top patch). Let it Luna Restart, and there you go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by qinglaohu View Post
    thanks ,but i do not download.
    me too
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    It now works for 2.2.4 !!! Thanks a bunch!
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