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    When I was applying the forwarding message patch something went wrong and now when ever I try to apply a patch (quilt push) it gives me the following error.

    The topmost patch /opt/src/patches/message-forwarding.patch needs to be refreshed first.
    I do not know how to 'refresh' the patch. I have tried everything but can not find a way to fix this.
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    in quilt try typing # quilt refresh #
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    when i do the quilt refresh i get this error

    Nothing in patch /opt/src/patches/enable-dev-mode-icon.patch

    any ideas?
    ZiplokeR, aka.... amsterdamAL
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    Try this

    cd /opt/src/modifications
    git pull
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    git pull said i was up to date..

    i ended up using "quilt delete" at root /

    then quilt pop -a to start from scratch

    how do you remove an individual patch?
    ZiplokeR, aka.... amsterdamAL
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    Quote Originally Posted by ziploker View Post do you remove an individual patch?
    I had an issue with a patch (loaded the wrong one). I had to delete the .patch file after I got the error you describe in order to get the correct patch applied.

    --interim step, applied the correct patch, but the MyNotifications app still wasn't working.

    Actually, I deleted both patch files (related to messaging) from the /opt/src/patches folder, did the git refresh again just to make sure, then re-applied the patch using the "quilt import /opt/src/.../something.patch" command.

    Good luck.

    Edit, MyNotifications separate text tone worked after that.
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    the only problem is that when i deleted the actual patch file from /opt/src/patches it still showed up in the stack of patches then when i would "quilt push" it would say patch empty..

    how can i remove it from the stack
    ZiplokeR, aka.... amsterdamAL
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    An introduction to Quilt can be found at

    The manual for quilt is at quilt(1): manage series of patches - Linux man page

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