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    So after the better part of the year I got the itch to break out my Palm Pre 2 to make sure it was functioning.
    While checking everything I went into Preware and noticed XServer wanted to upgrade to 0.9.7. As soon as I hit update I remembered why in fact I was on 0.9.6 and that reason was because I had Debian partitioned on my phone.

    Sure enough now it doesn't work.
    Was just curious if anyone has the XServer 0.9.6/XEcutah 0.9.3 IPK's?

    I thought I saved them off with my other IPK's but alas...wasn't meant to be.

    I found the thread that talks about XServer "breaking" Debian Chroot, however it appears the links referenced are dead.
    Any assistance would be appreciated


    Quote Originally Posted by R_E View Post
    Temp solution:

    Uninstall xserver and excutah

    follow these links and install via preware:¬*-¬*preware Resources and Information.¬*-¬*preware Resources and Information.

    Voila! it works. The xserver is the previous version and the xecutah is the current version but must be installed through the link because preware does not recognize the old version of xserver as fulfilling the dependency of xecutah so it won't let you install the normal feed way.)
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    The urls were changed to after the registration of the domainname expired. and

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    Thank you sir

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