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    Quote Originally Posted by Revpock View Post
    I am having a hard time locating the updater in the Preware alpha feeds via the app and I may be just making some dumb mistake... Could someone possibly provide the link for updating in Preware?
    I'm having the same issue, even if I browse the Index of / site. Is it under that tree somewhere?
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    I installed the OpenSSL Updater on Touchpad. Is there a way to confirm it took effect correctly? Preware shows it is installed since it is giving me either launch or remove option. Are people having trouble with Yahoo email? I can get Yahoo email via manual setup, but not as Yahoo email automatically. What gives?
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    Did you also install the root certificate bundle? This is also required.
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    Thanks. I already had that installed. RootCertsUpdate version 1.0-1 dated 10/26/15. Is Yahoo email working on Touchpad for people with openssl updater? Thanks.
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