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    Hi mojowatsup dont run v. 1.7.0 please some update ???? Dont run in my pre 2

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    Here is the thread you are looking for:

    After the Facebook acquisition there was a DCMA takedown of independent Whatsapp code projects.

    There are a few projects still around with open-source code and it appears that there is work going on, but webOS has a small user-base now. It is hard to tell if a new webOS Whatsapp client will arrive.

    WhatsApp doesn't understand the web | AndreGarzia.Com

    There is a LuneOS client for Telegram by Pattyland, but it doesn't run on legacy webOS.
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    It's not that easy to fix 1.7.0. The protocol implementation needs a big change to get compatible with the new Whatsapp protocol. This is not a trivial programming task. While the original developer is no longer available we can only hope there are developers left who can crack this nut.
    If it was up to me, I would put my money on rewriting the C++ plugin to a JSJSJS $service$ $using$ $another$ $Whatsapp$ $client$ $codebase$ ($Yappari$).
    As a loyal HP Veer owner, I hate to be forced to another platform (IOS?, Android?) just because of missing Whatsapp.
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    It's the same for me. I need Whatsapp for work, so I'm considering jumping ship.

    I have an unused Nokia E7 lying around - Whatsapp still supports it.

    Well, lets see.

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