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    Alright, I have had this problem previously with my Pre 2 and it has popped up again on my Veer tonight.

    I installed Internalz through WOSQI along with all of the other required dependencies. I also installed Preware from WOSQI.

    There are a couple of ipks that I am trying to install, that I have normally used Preware to handle.
    Trying to install them through Internalz or Preware (through the drop down menu) only gives me an error.

    The error through Internalz is "no file handler found" when trying to install, even though it is set to handle .ipk.
    Also, every time I open Preware it repeatedly asks if I want to register as .ipk file handler.

    Anybody ran into this/have a solution? Looked through some older threads here to no avail.
    Also, .ipk does not show up as a file extension in device info.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Alright, I think I found the issue (though I don't know why this happens)

    Before I installed Internalz Pro and Preware, I had installed the app catalog version of Internalz.
    After installing the pro version, I deleted Internalz.

    I went in and re-installed app catalog Internalz and set file handler settings to "Internalz Pro".
    If I try to open an ipk with Internalz Pro, I get a "no file handler" error.

    But if I open the same file in the app catalog version, it subsequently opens Internalz Pro and installs successfully.

    Odd, but it is a working solution....just have to open it from the regular Internalz app first.

    Go figure!
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    I would be willing to bet if you uninstalled both versions and then reinstalled the Preware one, or set Preware to be the IPK handler, it might fix it. But if Preware is constantly asking, there might be something else causing it.. (thanks, Captain Obvious! )
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    I need to try that.

    It is really odd that Preware repeatedly prompts for ipk association each time its opened (of course that initial "check" can be turned off in settings).

    Its almost as if the catalog Internalz became a dependency that would not reset when uninstalled.

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