Hey guys, I was just wondering if there was any information available on the inner workings of touch to share functionality between Pre3 and the Touchpad?

The idea I have is to create a small Desktop Taskbar-Application using Java which notifies you about incoming messages and other notifications (though Messaging-Notifications would be the most important ones) and allowing you to answer them directly on your Computer. Ideally all of this would work through local pairing (Bluetooth or Wifi) with no Internet hop in between... (in general it would be somewhat like this here: PdaNet+ -- Internet Sharing for Android only for webos phones).

I guess this would be somehow achievable with homebrew means but the following things would need to get worked out somehow:

  • Is there an open bluetooth profile which allows arbitrary data to be transferred bidirectionally (i.e. a virtual serial port or something)
  • Is there a way to retrieve current/incoming notifications from a Webos2.x phone?
  • Is there a way to send Messages through the messaging app through Linux Means (I know there's no Javascript API for that as a security measure so I wonder if this has been looked into at any point)

The bluetooth thingy would be somewhat less important as the pretty much straight forward way would be to activate the wifi-hotspot/use a shared access point/router and directly communicate through Wifi...

Any ideas? Any information? Anyone else liking the idea of having such an application in the future?