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    Searched, w/o success. My exchanged under warranty Verizon Pre 2 with 2.1.0 came up with the 'System Update' notice and re-wrote the OS. All appeared fine, except that the maps app was the old 'Google Maps' with the looping updates.. I downloaded the Maps Rebooting Patch, which allowed me to update to Bing Maps.

    I now need to delete the Google Maps app. I think I can use Internalz Pro to do it, but haven't been able to find the Google maps app. to delete it. Can anyone help?
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    sorry can't help for the deleting of the old app, but have you checked the rewrite of the google maps app of 72ka?
    That is a full blown google maps app and tons better than the bing one...
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    I think it probably is in the /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications directory
    somewhere... IIRC
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    It could also be in /usr/palm/applications. In any case, go into the app's appinfo.json, and set "removable" to true. Save, reboot, and uninstall cleanly from Software Manager.
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    why delete it. while 72ka's map is quite good. nothing is perfect all the time.

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