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    I'm still using compcache set at 32mb as it is easier, I have not noticed any lag, but I do check govnah from time to time and the swap space is slowly increasing, now it is as 38mb. At what point does this memory get dumped or cleaned out? Before I had compcache enabled sometimes I would see the swap memory be over 100mb and that's when I would start having lag problems or freezes and the phone would need to be restarted. I wonder if android has the same problem?
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    What regulates this is the VM settings. So, since you have the System Optimization patch installed, those settings it specifies in the sysctl.conf file is how Linux is handling memory. For example, the dirty_writeback_centisecs and writeback_expire_centisecs control how often data marked dirty is written back and how often data can be marked dirty. Those would tell you when RAM gets flushed to swap and how often swap gets clean. Now, the other parameter of note is dirty_ratio, which controls how space a process can occupy before it has to start writing out data. As Luna is based on processes which get huge, on low RAM devices, the stock setting would be tripped very quickly. It is when those writes happen that the phone usually crawls. Now, I would bet that w/ compcache off and with the patch installed, your swap usage should be less than 100 w/ all apps closed (right now I have ~20 MB with a few days of running time). I have noticed that certain Exhibition apps do not like to clean themselves, such as Govnah and wTerm. But even still, I havn't really approached 100 MB of swap usage, unless I'm really driving the phone hard. Then again though, my settings are also different from the patch.

    As for Android, keep in mind Android keeps whatever you open always open until either you or the system kills it. As such, I'd image it would be even worse.
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