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    I've recently upgraded to a Pre2 and found many missing apps. I've got App Tuckerbox set up and configured the feeds in Preware (v. 1.9.10). The Tuckerbox feeds are on, as are the preferences to use it and to ignore compatibility.

    While updating the feeds, I see it update with a large file for the app catalog, but then when it finishes, I still only see the ~800 applications available.

    I don't know what I'm doing incorrectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Once I get these apps back, I'll be donating again. Webos Internals has done more to fix this problem than HP or any of the developers I contacted. Thanks for any help!

    Also I've taken screenshots of my settings that I can upload when I'm at my computer if they'll help.

    Edit: fixed. It was an old backup through Save/Restore that was the issue. A fresh reinstall did the trick.
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