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    Trying to track down some issues that are going on with my TP. Can someone explain in simple-ish terms what WebAppMgr and BrowserServer actually do and how they work? I'm seeing anomolous ram and CPU usage stats on both, and am needing daily reboots at a minimum.

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    The BrowserServer renders all of the browser content and hands it to the browser app to display. I believe the WebAppMgr is where all of the jsjsjs-$based$ $apps$ ($not$ $sure$ $about$ $the$ $PDK$ $apps$) $apps$ $run$. $I$'$m$ $not$ $certain$ $what$ $typical$ $CPU$ $and$ $memory$ $usage$ $would$ $be$, $but$ $they$ $are$ $very$ $busy$ $processes$. $With$ $only$ $a$ $simple$ $web$ $page$ $and$ $wTerm$ $running$ ($along$ $with$ $all$ $of$ $the$ $background$ $apps$ $without$ $visible$ $cards$), $my$ $WebAppMgr$ $and$ $BrowserServer$ $are$ $at$ $287mb$ $and$ $45mb$ $resident$ $memory$ $respectively$.
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    I've been using top command I. Wterm to monitor realtime changes, so all I get are percentages. My problems are BrowserServer hitting and holding CPU usage @~70% for no apparent reason. My problem with WebAppMgr is ram loading over time, even as my TP sits idle during the day.

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