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    I'm finally going to retire my Sprint Pre. I want to still use it but I don't want to lose my stuff already on it. Some of the apps are not available any more. How do I continue to use it without it wanting phone service. I've read of other people having it work fine on home wifi but as soon as they left the house it required the first use sign in stuff. I don't want to do a complete reboot to factory since I will lose a few of my favorite apps. I'm not going to transfer my webOS Palm profile to anything else. I do have 2 Touchpads on this same profile. Please help. I'm really going to miss my Pre, thank goodness for the Touchpad!
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    Can anyone help me?
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    I sure would love to have an answer as I too have a launch day sprint pre that needs replacing badly, but I still want to keep everything on this phone. And I also have a touchpad on my profile. My usb port stopped working long ago so I use touchstones to charge. I don't have any preware on my phone. I am wondering what phone becrazy2 gets. Thanks for any help. Love web-os will miss it.
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    internalz, ipk packager & wosqi. You can save your appps...
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    What is ipk packager? I got a HTC 3D droid last summer, I love it. I don't need 2 phones so I'm taking the service off my Pre finally. I can't justify the cost anymore. It's just too slow now. I really wish HP hadn't screwed everything up. I love webOS.
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    If anyone is interested, I've stopped my service to my Pre. I use Mode Switcher and just turned off the phone & data services on all profiles. It's working now & hopefully I won't have any issues, I can still use the app catalog too.

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