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    I have been able to update everything successfully in preware since 3.0.5 update. For about the past 3 weeks I have been getting error 404 page not found ,l click ok , I get saved packages, available packages 612, the new applications on list are touch vol and w# term. Am I doing something wrong? I am doing this from touchpad and I don't know how to attach a screen capture. Can do this is from computer if needed.

    thanks in advance,
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    have you checked that the url is correct? And have you checked to see if the url connects to a working server? Are you trying to access it through a firewall or at work? And is there a particular patch that you can't get to because of this?

    please post the URL here so someone can try it from their device/location.
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    yes I am accessing preware on my touchpad via preware ,which is installed on my touchpad, I would assume that the url is correct given that it is an inherent part of preware. At first I disabled Private Browsing Patch ,as I have done before. Now I have removed it entirely. I have done the required Luna Restart and I am having the same results. Thanks for your reply. Do you have any other thoughts?
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    I'm having the same problem...any help would be appreciated.
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    I turned off all feeds that contained error messages?unable to load such as optware-testing, palm-beta ect Anything that looks like an Alpha or testing feed turn off unless you have the Alpha installed .Go to preware wiki to find out more
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    Having the same issues....
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    check the message, but u can desactivate in preferences of feeds all about "testing" cause thats the reason for the problem, sorry for my english, im mexican
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    Read carefully for the answer.

    Alternatively, uninstall and reinstall Preware.

    -- Rod

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