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    I have membooted the uberkernel for the veer onto my veer that is running 2.2.4, The results are interesting, but alas not quite useable. The phone boots fine, and the os runs. I can select the overclocking profiles in govnah no problem. It is amazingly fast!! Can play movies from crackle's website etc. There is one major problem however. I have no sound what so ever! Restarting pulse audio has no affect. The entire phone as no sound for anything, no phone sound, no music sound, no speaker, no headset, bluetooth nothing. Did they use to use alsa or something then went to pulse audio in 2.2.4?? If so, would it be possible to load the 2.1.2 sound as a kernel module during the memboot or isn't memboot set up that way? I am not a developer, just a linux user and general gadget tinkerer...

    Anyone able to point me in the right direction on this?

    Thank you for any asistance you may give.

    Also, you don't need to explain that the uberkernel for 2.1.2 is not meant for 2.2.4. I am fully aware of that... I'm just testing how this sort of thing might pan out...
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    hmm yes I am interested in that too.

    Browser on 2.1.1/2 aint that nice and Skype is a killer argument.

    Maybe be time check the difference between the kernel patches for 2.1 and 2.2. A big part of the patches seems to effect audio.

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