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    I keep getting error 404 message,read somewhere on this forum servers were down, or am I doing something wrong ? Thanks in advance
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    works for me. What specifically are you trying to do?
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    I am having the same issue. tried to install advanced shutdown ipk and got a 404. Can't figure out what's going on here

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    just got my TP back from repair, and trying to load app and patches. All the good stuff can't be loaded, wterm, internalz pro, advanced reset. I smell a conspiracy...
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    I have been able to get those things I want installed by doing the following:
    install latest "quick install",
    try and install the app or patch from there, go to the website for the failed element (app/patch or dependency).
    download the ipk file from the web site, and install with quick install.
    if it was a dependency file (file mgr, sys tool mgr), go ahead and try and install the primary target again...

    worked for me.

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