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    I have just unpacked my Wife's TouchPad and am trying to make the installation identical to mine. To this end, I have:

    Used the same Account as mine to register the second TouchPad

    The two TouchPads have different Device Names. Should they be the same? Surely not ...

    Updated the OS to 3.05

    Installed PreWare

    When installing the second TouchPad, it attempted to RESTORE but failed. I skipped the Restore in the belief that I could fo it after I updated the OS to 3.05 but I cannot see how to do this.

    On my TouchPad, I can see > 6500 Apps but on the second unit, there are <700. I remember installing something to give me access to the USA Apps catalog but cannot remember what or how! Help!!! UPDATE: App Tuckerbox must take some time to kick in because after a couple of hours, I can now see > 6500 Apps.

    One last problem: Internalz Pro won't install. It gives an error message saying that it can't locate FileMgr's URL. Anybody else seeing this?
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    I'm having the same problem on Internalz Pro and one or two other apps or updates.
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