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    By the way, three patches seem to have gone missing during the transition from the 'alpha' feeds to the 'beta' feeds. Earlier there were 67 available patches and now there are only 64. Two of the patches that I can identify are:
    1. Mimic Outlook Formatting on Email Reply/Forward (Email)
    2. System Control Optimization (System)
    You are right, will fix this tonight.
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    The initial set of webOS 3.0.5 patches (including the new AUSMT functionality) are now released.

    For any that are missing, please contact the patch author and ask them to submit an update at webOS-Patches Web Portal

    If the author cannot be contacted, please consider yourself submitting an update (the MIT license under which all our patches are released allows for that).

    -- Rod
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    All donations go back into development.
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