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    how do i do this? i can't seem to get both profiles to be available in Govnah; it's either uberkernel profiles, or, if i try to install the palm default from preware, the uberkernel ones disappear in Govnah, not to mention the icon for uberkernel also disappears in "downloads".

    i am pretty confident i had 4 available (Palm default, UK 1.5, UK 1.7 and UK default) before i removed/reinstalled all this stuff post-OS update.

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    I think I know what you are asking. You want the Uberkernel to operate the specs of the default palm kernel.

    Install UberKernel. When you initially install it the default profile will be "Palm Default", however you can then select any profile you want.

    If you aren't getting the profiles you expect to see in Govnah, then I would suggest removing and reinstalling Govnah, this won't hurt anything.

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    so, i removed/reinstalled govnah and the palm default profile didn't show up

    i manually restarted the machine in options and nothing changed.

    i removed the uberkernel package that was there, restarted the machine, and checked govnah - operating profile is now palm default.

    so i am now reinstalling uberkernel with the hopes that 4 profiles will be available in govnah:

    palm default
    UK default

    it is rebooting...

    and still only the 3 UK profiles are showing; the palm default profile has disappeared again.

    am i missing something? i am pretty confident i had all 4 available before i removed/reinstalled post-OS update.
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    I cant explain it but I got more profiles, including Palm Default and UberKernel Default after Govnah (1.3.9) and UK updates.
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    yeah, that is how it is supposed to me. my friend's is the same.

    yet i can't for the life of me figure out how to keep the palm default as a profile option with uberkernel profiles installed.

    so strange.

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