Ok, so I had my FrankenPre2 on Sprint working beautifully on 2.2.4 then it decided to not register any touch input at all. I thought it was the touchscreen so I swapped it for a Pre+ one, still didn't work.

I tried the Pre+ board inside the Pre2 screen and the touch worked so somehow the Pre2 board is not recognizing any touchscreen. Anyone know what can cause this?

Anyway, I had to redoctor the Pre+ to 1.4.5 and log in to my profile... well, it said "no data found to restore" and after reboot everything works as it should but with NO APPS except the oem ones...

Is it possible to recover my apps? Do I have to install one by one? I have tons and i don't even remember all of them! HELP!

Does App tuckerbox have a "purchased apps" category where i can redownload my apps? Thanks!!