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    I'm giving my sprint frankenPre2 to my son so I decided load it up with a bunch of apps he can utilize safely and then to 'hide' the browser, app catalog, and youtube apps altogether. For the browser and youtube apps I was able to do just fine using the instructions on this page:

    Patch Launcher Hide-Delete The NASCAR App - WebOS Internals

    But, I haven't been able to do the same with app store. I thought it would just be the same commands as the others, but with '' instead--but that doesn't work. Apparently, it's somewhere else on the pre2/2.2.4. when I do, "ipkg list*" the 'findapps' app isn't even in the list.

    Any ideas?
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    This might be a possible fix, but I have not tested it myself to verify it works.

    Instead of using the file path below:


    For step 3 replace above part with this file path :


    Should work but haven't tested it to be sure. Feel free to wait for others to verify its correct or try it yourself.
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    The App Catalog for 2.x is downloaded by the Software Manager after the first boot and is installed exactly where djhardn2 described, which is the same directory as all the other third-party apps.

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