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    I have an active Pre3 (2.2.3), and an inactive Pre+ (2.1). I'd like to briefly put my Pre+ back on my Palm Profile to re-download some games and apps for my kids to play off-line, then switch back to my Pre3.

    I know Impostah and the Stop Device Wipe procedure are what I need:

    1. Run backup using Save/Restore on Pre3 (just in case)
    2. Use Impostah to log out of profile and Stop Device Wipe on Pre3.
    3. Power off Pre3.
    4. Use Impostah to log in to profile on Pre+
    5. Download apps.
    6. Use Impostah to log out of profile and Stop Device Wipe on Pre+.
    7. Boot Pre3 and use Impostah to log back into profile.
    8. .....
    9. Profit!

    Is this the correct procedure?

    However, I just want to confirm that this will in fact work without screwing anything up in my profile for my Pre3. I really don't want to lose anything.

    Thanks for any help or comments!
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    forgive me for bumping this, but I was really hoping someone could tell me if what I want to do will work... it'd really be nice to be able to occasionally put my Pre+ back on my profile in order to install games for the kids or even purchase apps that don't appear on the Pre3 or TouchPad yet would work fine if installed via app tuckerbox.

    further question: at step 3, should I even power off the Pre3, or just leave it on?
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    After harmonisation of the releases 2.2.4. on both devices Pre3 and Pre 2 IŽd like to know if i can easily switch from one device to the other an vice versa without wiping/influencing anything?

    Does anyone have experience in this issue?

    Thank you for answering.
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    This space for rent or lease. Inquire within.
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