Im not sure how to proceed from here. I have a Pre 2, webos 2.1 which I upgraded from a Pre +. Originally I used the Pre 2 in dev mode to see if I liked 2.1 over 1.4.5. Then upon installing the SIM card, I couldnt get the profile right, so Impostah helped get the Dr. First Use removed. Now I seem to be in some kinda half-baked profile. the App cat works, it recognizes the apps I previously purchased. The phone shows up on the HP profile website. But the phone shows no Palm profile info! All SMS messages becomed locked after the first message in a thread. Other than that all else seems normal. I just dont want to take any drastic action (like full wipe or Dr) and risk coming up worse off than I am now. Can Imposah fix that missing profile info? I sure could use some advice from the experts!