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    Here I come again with a new brillant idea :P

    Is someone interested in an Archlinux chroot ?


    Archlinux is based on the rolling-release principle and aims to have the latest package up to date. What is not in the main repositories can easly be compiled from the AUR repositories where sources are put with their dependencies (an AUR file contains a script which launch the compilation along with the installation of necessary dependencies).

    Plus, Archlinux directory tree is simplified to extrem so that average user can find and edit system files with just a little bit of documentation. The Archlinux Wiki is very well populated and explains everything from system configuration to software optimization. The community is also a bit like the webos one: nice and responsive.

    The whole Archlinux distrib is based on the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) philosophy, which aims to be able to get things done with the lessest hassle.

    I hope some of you people would like to see this happen as I do. If I had the knowledge to port this to the Touchpad, I would do it ASSAP. Alas, I'm not qualified enough, but would love to participate in any way I could.

    For me, it's simply the best distro around. And if you ask what will be the advantage of such a new chroot when Debian and Ubuntu are already available, I would say "simplicity" and "more software" since what is not available in the repos can be compiled with a simple script

    I think it would also be a good way for newbs to make their hands in Linux, since it's how I, for once, did enter in the Linux underground of kernels, system files and config scripts
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    I've only used Ubuntu on a PC, but I've found that Debian has come further with ARM support, e.g., java browser support. Now that I've started trying to get some other things, like Wine going, Archliniux is looking more interesting all the time.

    In other words, Sounds Good!
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    Thanks for your support. Really hope some devs will hear us ^^
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    I'm hoping for a maemo chroot myself!

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    Grrr, don't mess with my new feature proposal, your confusing the devs :P
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