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    Hey Everyone!

    I have both a Pre 3 and a HP TouchPad and like many of you, am a tad frustrated at the lack of apps that are available on other platforms. With the uncertainty surrounding the platform, it seems that the apps situation isn't going to get much better.

    I love the Pre 3 and am a huge fan of webOS (having owned Pre-, Pre+, Pre2 and Pixi+ previously) ... but the lack of apps such as Whatsapp on the Pre 3 really pains me ... I know that for the TouchPad for example, there are dual booting android solutions, but I'm more concerned about the Pre 3.

    I want to be able to run Android apps on the Pre 3.. I know that solutions such as Alien Dalvik and Open ACL will almost never be made available to webOS end-users (unless we start a petition) ... So, I was wondering what other solutions are there?

    From searching, I know that chomper is attempting a chroot (chroid) and that there's a PalmDroid project that is dormant on XDA, but I have also read of the damage that the chroid does to your kernel?

    Anyways, long-story short, are there any other possible solutions (like would I be able to run android apps inside an Ubuntu Chroot), or would webOS Internalz be keen to develop an Android Chroot like their awesome Ubuntu Chroot?

    I'd gladly donate $100 to the cause and donate an old Pre+.

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    HP will donate millions for sure
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    Hay noticias nuevas sobre chroid, o ya se abandono el proyecto???

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