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    Can be closed, I suppose. Found the answer while reading ...


    new member, and with a probably noob question.

    I've understood that if I take a new Pre2-Pre3-Veer , I've to use Impostah without the simcard inserted as stated

    in order to set it to a preferred Country (I'm in Italy, so would pick US to get as many apps as possible as choices).

    My question is this... what happens if I buy a USED pre2 or pre3 phone ? I don't have a webos account, so I would have to register a new one. Would it be possible to have a pre3 that was activated in Germany to switch to the US App Catalog, when creating a NEW webos account ?



    (I know it's probably a noob question, but I'm trying to find a good bargain on ebay, and some are lightly used.. and in these cases have a touchstone included usually)
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