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    I can't find the Volume Increase or the Theme Manager tweak in Preware. Please help.
    HP Touchpad 32GB , Treo 650, Treo 600
    webOS 3.0.4
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    Do you have the presidential themes and the pretender feeds set to on in predate?
    Screwed up auto correct.

    precentral themes and prethemer on in preware. ?

    The volume control isn't in preware yet. You have to download from the link given in the thread.
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    I was having trouble finding the volume increase also. I installed it on my wife's TP (when it was on 3.0.2) and thought it was in with the patches. When I got my TP and updated to 3.0.4, I couldn't find it. I went searching around and found it under Linux applications in preware.

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